Your business plan informs your go-to-market strategy. It includes a thorough market analysis and assessment of your competition. It tells you how you’ll market yourself. It identifies the human and financial capital you’ll need to deliver your products and services.

IT strategy is a document that outlines how technology is expected to support your business over a given time. This usually ranges anywhere from a year to five years. Since its main purpose is to help your company achieve its goals, it’s not uncommon for the strategy to be a part of an overall business plan.


What is an IT Strategy?

IT strategy is a detailed plan defining how technology and IT processes should be used to align with your business goals.

You can compile the details in the form of a document or roadmap noting the various things that affect a business’s use of IT and technology.

It covers all facets of technology in your business including:

  • Electronic Data
  • Software and Applications
  • Hardware and Equipment
  • Network and Connectivity
  • Communication Channels
  • Cyber security


What’s the purpose of IT strategy?

Ultimately, an IT strategy aims to guide IT and technology processes, software, hardware, or infrastructure decisions.

It’s essentially a roadmap for businesses and helps you understand and get to grips with all areas of IT, which enables them to make smart, informed business decisions to drive growth


Who takes responsibility?

The first part of the strategy will identify individual responsibilities. This is vital both internally and externally. Relationships between businesses and IT support providers can often fail when there is confusion over who has responsibility for what. Some businesses will want their IT Service Provider to take control of their IT strategy.


Keep up with change & gain a competitive advantage

Another reason is the speed of technological change. Planning forces the business to look at technological developments in their field. Becoming early adopters of new technology can give a business a real competitive advantage.

A strategy will include provisions for regular review, meaning opportunities shouldn’t be missed.


How We Can Help

Often business owners do not feel they have the knowledge required to put together an IT Strategy. For these businesses outsourcing should be explored. A professional outsourced IT company will possess both the business and technology skills required to ensure that the full benefits of an IT strategy are realized.