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Unified Communications

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Communication is key, so don’t let your business go with anything less than perfect.

Our Unified Communications services integrate state-of-the-art communication technologies that streamline your business and even intertwine with various big-name service providers to ensure your business’s internet/entrant is working 24/7.

Whether you are staying simple with in-office communications, or thinking large network with branch exchange, our unified communications allow you to customize services that support your business needs.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)
Internet Services
Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Voice Over IP

Stay connected to your customers and your coworkers with Ashunya’s modern Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service. While remote work is becoming the standard, keeping your in-office VOIP updated is key to staying in contact with those who matter most. We seamlessly integrate into your existing internet service and provide communication connectivity across your enterprise.

Internet Services

Connecting to the internet is not new. However, with today’s range of providers and service types, you need an expert to determine which is the best for your growing business. Our experts can work with you and your internet provider to make sure your business has the connection it deserves.

Hybrid Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

One of the biggest benefits to having a hybrid PBX is for remote offices and secondary locations. Allowing calls from one office to the other through the hybrid PBX eliminates long-distance charges and allows temporary location calls to connect directly to the PBX instead of relying on the local telephone lines.

Communication is a two-way street, and Ashunya is here to listen to what your business needs.

Understanding VoIP Technology in Unified Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has revolutionized the way businesses communicate. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP phones use the internet to transmit calls, offering greater flexibility and reduced costs. This technology is central to Unified Communications (UC), integrating various communication methods into a cohesive system. By using VoIP caller services, businesses can easily connect with clients and team members globally, breaking down geographical barriers. Moreover, the adaptability of VoIP technology allows seamless integration with other communication tools, enhancing overall efficiency.

The Role of Inteliquent VoIP in Streamlining Communication

Inteliquent VoIP is a notable player in the Unified Communications arena. Known for its reliability and scalability, Inteliquent’s VoIP services offer businesses a robust platform for their communication needs. This advanced VoIP technology supports a range of communication forms, from voice calls to video conferencing. Particularly in VoIP call centers, the use of Inteliquent’s solutions ensures high-quality, uninterrupted communication, crucial for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The integration of such advanced VoIP systems in Unified Communications strategies empowers businesses to manage their communications more effectively and with greater control.

Advancements in VoIP Phones and Call Centers

Unified Communications have been further enhanced by the evolution of VoIP phones and VoIP call centers. Modern VoIP phones are not just about voice calls; they come equipped with features like call forwarding, voicemail to email, and video calling, offering a comprehensive communication experience. In the context of call centers, the use of VoIP technology has been a game-changer. VoIP call centers leverage the internet for managing large volumes of calls, which allows for more efficient handling of customer queries and increased flexibility for agents. This shift to VoIP-based systems in Unified Communications signifies a move towards more integrated, efficient, and cost-effective communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We want to better understand your telecommunication and internet connectivity issues so we can develop a process that fits your unique business. Don’t let your communication issues fall on deaf ears, start a project with Ashunya today!