Ryan Eusebio

Customer Champion

Ryan started his career at Ashunya as an Intern but has since moved to his current role as Customer Success Manager, or Customer Champion, where he ensures customers are satisfied with the products or services they have purchased and are getting the most value out of them. Working closely with customers, Ryan helps them by understanding their needs and challenges and offers them key insights that enable customers to achieve their goals and effectively use Ashunya’s products and services. Ryan’s strong empathetic and communication skills and champion-like positive attitude help him to build and maintain positive relationships with the customers. He utilizes his technical expertise to advocate for our customers and help them resolve their issues in a timely manner. Always eager to solve a problem, Ryan makes sure that no customer is left unsatisfied and goes above and beyond to support both small and large businesses. Ryan stays in tune with the latest technology trends and uses them to find creative ways to solve the many complex issues his customers face. When Ryan isn’t supporting customers, he enjoys collecting Basketball Cards of his favorite current and historical players. He also likes to watch classic movies in his spare time with his all-time favorite being Back to the Future and its sequels.