Melanie Merchant

Leading Lady - Ceo

Melanie started Ashunya alongside her husband in 1993 in their apartment repairing computers. They grew their small operation by focusing on supporting electronic medical records, or EMRs. They used their tech background and knowledge of the medical industry to visualize how the EMR business could evolve over the next 10 years and were able to specialize in supporting the unique needs of each medical practice. As Melanie onboarded new team members with new talent, she evolved Ashunya to encompass Project management, and IT Support services, and even expanded into the customer communications and connectivity industries of tech. She is always looking to find new avenues for Ashunya to support customers and even recently is expanding into IOT and Ai development services. Melanie’s responsibilities as CEO, and as a WBNC business owner, span across the organization and impacts all of its functions. From helping the innovation team research and iron out new technology to helping sales navigate both small and enterprise-level customers, and every part in between, Melanie works intrinsically with all of her teams and helps drive them to their shared goal of providing excellent customer service with the latest technology. When not running Ashunya, Melanie enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her husband and her two girls at their Palm Desert holiday home. As an avid cooker, comparing herself to her idol Ina Garten, she prepares a variety of vegetarian-based dishes that she discovers on her travels across the globe.